We provide our clients with a variety of customized solutions that deliver and sustain measurable performance improvement.

Our solutions overview.

Corporate Performance Management
A systematic, integrated management approach
that links enterprise strategy to core processes and activities using relevant and coherent measures to report and manage performance.

Customer and Product Price Optimization
Pricing based on true cost-to-serve provides an ability to improve margins when setting prices or establishing contract bids.

IT and Shared Services Value Management
Internal services often represent over half of an organization's cost structure, but companies find it difficult to manage those costs and the value that support areas provide to their organization.

  Operational Performance Improvement
Performance improvement focuses on measuring the output of a particular business process and then modifying the process in order to increase the output, efficiency, effectiveness or quality of the process.
Profitability Measurement and Enhancement
Businesses create value by accurately measuring
the profitability of products, customers and channels, and then focusing their actions to enhance that profitabilty over time through customer growth, retention, channeling and re-pricing strategies.

  Forecasting as a Service (FaaS)
FaaS improves the forecasting and analytics process by augmenting subjective internal estimates of future performance with data-driven, objective analysis that leverages AI-enabled tools. DecisionVu has defined tiered implementation services that work with your internal FP&A team to rapidly achieve these measurable benefits and results from AI driven forecast and data driven decisions.