Forecasting as a Service (FaaS)

DecisionVu has ventured with Aurora Prediction's LightZ AI software on a new groundbreaking service, Forecasting as a Service (FaaS). FaaS delivers advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence to your Internal Finance Team for forecasting and predictions without buying costly software, hiring expensive data scientists, and requiring special hardware and programming.


We have entered the era of digital FP&A where human and artificial intelligence (AI) work hand in hand to achieve better analytical results. The new world of FP&A requires on-demand continuous planning process and AI-driven forecasts where various business scenarios can be played almost in real-time. Both driver-based planning and FP&A predictive analytics are essential tools for implementing flexible dynamic planning and forecasting processes to achieve revenue growth, increased profits and improved operating performance.

Forecasting as a Service (FaaS) uniquely integrates AI-enabled predictive business analytics tool and financial management expertise to foster increased revenues and profits. FaaS improves the forecasting and analytics process by augmenting subjective estimates of future performance with insightful analysis that leverages AI-enabled tools.

DecisionVu has defined tiered implementation services that work with your internal FP&A team to rapidly achieve these measurable benefits and results from AI driven forecast and data driven decisions.

Service highlights include:
Cloud FaaS Delivers AI Driven Forecasts
Advisory Services to Augment Internal FP&A team
About 2/3 Less Cost than Hiring a Data Scientist and Buying an Analytics Tool
Predictive Business Analytics to Generate New Insights
Leverage Existing Data, Sources, and Spreadsheets